Yes, your content is still needed in the age of coronavirus.

It’s strange how the world can turn upside down in the span of a few weeks, isn’t it?

As we head into a brand new week – and begin preparing for a whole new month – in this strange new world, I want to pause for a moment and offer my sincerest thanks to all of our healthcare workers and providers: the nurses, PAs, doctors, techs and hospital staff on the front lines, and the mental health providers, harm reduction advocates, sexual health providers and death care workers continuing to offer essential services to our communities behind the scenes of the pandemic. You are the glue holding us all together, and we would quite literally be lost without you.

As a healthcare professional, you may be wondering if maintaining your blog, or creating videos for your YouTube channel, scipting your podcast, or creating those marketing materials for that now-cancelled conference is even relevant anymore. (I’ve certainly struggled with similar feelings more than once in the last two weeks.)

But let me assure you – it is.

Now more than ever, people are frantically searching the Internet for reliable health information. And many of the most vulnerable members of our communities – the mentally ill, drug addicts, sexual and gender minorities, the chronically ill and disabled, and the elderly – are being excluded from the collective conversation around the pandemic. For these people, access to quality health content tailored to their unique needs can mean the difference between life and death.

COVID-19 threatens more than just our respiratory systems. Social isolation, job loss, finanical insecurity, fears for the health and safety of oneself and loved ones – as well as the typical stressors of everyday life now magnified under quarantine – are setting off mental health issues like dominos. Psychiatric service providers and mental health advocacy groups have a social responsibility to provide accessible and engaging online content for patients and clients to manage their symptoms and remember that they are supported during this time.

Drug users are at exceptionally high risk for serious complications from COVID-19, yet we’re hearing virtually nothing about their needs from mainstream health media. Harm reduction advocates need high-quality, targeted content to ensure that addicts can easily access life-saving information and resources.

Though it may seem low-priority at first glance, sexual wellness is just as timely a topic as ever. As we are all struggling with a lack of physical proximity to other humans, we need engaging content on how to cultivate intimacy – with others and with ourselves – in creative, fulfilling ways. This is especially important for LGBTQ+ folks and trauma survivors, who struggle with marginalization around their sexual and gender identities at the best of times.

And while it may not be an easy subject – is anything, these days? – we need to openly and honestly discuss the realities of death care in the age of coronavirus, especially with all of the misinformation flooding the Internet. Funeral directors, hospice workers, death doulas and mortiticans are providing invaluable services to patients, clients, and the public at large – and your businesses deserve top-notch attention.

Let me be clear: the need for quality health content has never been greater.

You may feel overwhelmed by the gravity of what’s going on. You might be unsure how to pivot your content strategy to adjust to this collective crisis, or unable find a copywriter or content creator willing to touch these topics.

But make no mistake (I cannot stress this enough) – your content is needed now more than ever.

When this crisis passes, do you want to look back and know you showed up for your patients and clients by providing them with the content they desperately needed? Or will you continue on with “business as usual” at this telltale moment in history?

If you’re ready to step up, email me or book a free consultation today. Let’s work together to create a targeted content strategy for your practice, org or private business that connects your audience with the services they need most. You’ll be glad you did.

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