Owner/Head Writer. Native Texan. Survivor & Advocate.
Lover of tea, cats & Queen.

Hello! I’m Nori, and I’m the Thinking Machine behind KQC.

I’m a professional healthcare copywriter specializing in the areas of mental health, sexual wellness, harm reduction & end-of-life care. I chose to focus on these particular sub-niches in the health & wellness industry because – despite their being intrinsic aspects of the human experience – they remain taboo, even as their relevance increases by the day. It can be difficult to find copywriters & content creators willing to engage with these sensitive topics, and I take a lot of pride in stepping up to fill that need for providers & organizations providing these invaluable services to their communities (& the world!)

What I Do

I write professional, high-quality website copy & research-driven content for private healthcare providers, nonprofits, professional organizations, hospitals, insurance companies, hospice & palliative care providers, sex educators, therapists, counselors, addiction treatment centers, harm reduction supply companies, research institutes, eating disorder recovery specialists, death doulas, & more! Hit that email link up above & get in touch.

For a detailed list of services and rates, please visit my Services page.