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Creative marketing services tailored especially for you.

True, there are lots of healthcare copywriters out there. But how many are specifically focused on the needs of public & private entities working in the areas of mental health, sexual wellness, harm reduction & end-of-life care?

When you work with me, you’re not only getting superior copywriting. You’re getting a content marketing strategist who knows the true value of the services you’re providing to the communities you serve – because it affects all of our communities. When you succeed in your mission to provide quality care to the most vulnerable members of our society, we all win. And I want to make sure you exceed your goals to help us get there!

A note about rates: I do not charge an hourly or by-the-word rate. My rates are based on the type of project & the amount of time & effort needed to complete it. As a result, I can only provide pricing information after I’ve had a chance to learn about your project needs & expectations. Click that link below to book your complementary 15-minute phone consultation, & I’ll present you with a rate within one business day!

What I Offer

  • Website Copy ~ SEO based website content to bring more traffic to your healthcare website.
  • Blog Posts ~ Thorough, research-driven posts for your blog or digital magazine to engage & grow your audience. (Fun Fact: I got my freelancing feet wet in college as a guest blogger for an HIV/AIDS nonprofit in my hometown!)
  • Technical Articles ~ Instruction, policy & user manuals for private practices, hospitals, insurance & pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits & more!
  • Case Studies ~ Specially tailored case studies for Health Information Management & Health Information Technology professionals.
  • White Papers ~ Quality reports & guides that capture the most important topics in healthcare today, presented in your unique brand voice.
  • Promotional & Marketing Materials ~ My background as a business development representative makes me well qualified to craft brochures, fliers, postcards, signage, product descriptions, even slogans & mission statements to promote your practice or organization.
  • Press Releases & Media Kits ~ Creative and original hooks for your public interactions.
  • Newsletters ~ I have extensive experience writing e-newsletters for professional & special interest organizations. Let me create something to wow your client base!
  • Research Reports & Proposals ~ My experience crafting formal academic research proposals & reports makes me the right choice to help you demonstrate your knowledge & the value of your research project.
  • Social Media Posts ~ Strategically crafted & engaging content for your company Facebook, Twitter & Instagram presence.
  • Video & Podcast Scripts ~ Personalized scripts for your YouTube channel or podcast.
  • Healthcare Curriculum ~ Teaching an online course? Need educational materials for your organization’s website? Let my background in secondary & higher education be of service to you!
  • Ebooks ~ Long-form writing to share your expertise with your audience.
  • Speech & Presentation Writing ~ No need to stress over that conference speech or PowerPoint presentation. I’ve got you.
  • …and more!

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